Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant
Baby Walking Assistant

Baby Walking Assistant

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Our Baby Walker helps your baby learn how to walk. The harness fits comfortably around your baby and extends up to an easy helping handle for the parent. It’s the perfect tool to help your baby stay on their feet while exploring and learning how to walk.

The baby toddler is divided into three stages, do you know?

The first stage: station period

The baby begins to learn how to stand when they are 9-10 months and can hold the toddler belt in this period. During this period, the upper part of the toddler belt can be removed, and the lower part of the toddler is attached to the baby. This will allow the baby to build a relationship with the toddler. When entering a separate step, there will be no rejection.

 Second stage: toddler

After about 2 months, the baby will learn how to walk and eager to walk independently. At this time, the toddler is tied to the baby, and the baby can safely explore the independent walking.

 The third stage: the consolidation period

The baby has mastered the ability to walk independently during the toddler period, but at this time the baby walks slowly, often wrestling, using the toddler to pull back, let the baby try to walk and have fun.

product description

1. Three-stage detachable use more convenient
The crossbar, connecting belt and main body of the toddler belt can be disassembled and used in real multi-function.

2. Both the toddler belt and the anti-lost belt
After the baby has basically learned to walk, through the different connection methods of the connecting belt, the toddler belt is assembled into an anti-lost belt, and the baby is in control.

3. Suitable for all kinds of baby
The shoulder strap, bust, and connecting straps are adjustable. Different heights can be adjusted to suit the appropriate size.

4. Different colors The same quality


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